Laser Harp at Omega Mart by Meow Wolf

The new Omega Mart by Meow Wolf in Las Vegas at AREA15 is a multi-layered sensory feast of fun. There are tunnels to crawl through, lots of colorful lights and projections, many buttons to push, numerous slides to ride, and an overarching mystery to solve. This psychedelic art meets consumer satire experiential journey is full of many of my favorite kinds of amusements ranging from poignant to trippy, interactive, detailed, playful and comedic.

Being the blinky light and button-pushing junkie that I am, I was surprised that the installations I found the most satisfying, and definitely spent the most time…

NOW OPEN! Omega Mart by Meow Wolf at AREA15 in Las Vegas.

I haven’t been to the original MeowWolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico yet, but I’ve already been through their new Omega Mart experience at AREA15 in Las Vegas twice during their preview and opening week.

In addition to being a delight of the senses and full of amazing art, interactive installations, and wacky discoveries, it’s also full of some important things that we need the most right now after almost a year of pandemic …. Hope, fun and a reminder that it’s all going to be ok again someday soon. We will go out and play together again. …

Goldie the Avatar Demoing Moves in Audio Trip

While cooped up at home during 2020, I’ve fallen in love with my Oculus Quest and have been using it to dance in several VR dance games. My favorite is definitely Audio Trip, a self-care entertainment game produced by my pals at Andromeda Entertainment and Kinemotik Studios. Far from a covid-only relationship of convenience or necessity, this love affair will continue even after the vaccine rolls out and we are able to return to in-person forms of physical practice. Here are 9 reasons why I’ll still be dancing in VR after covid.

Reason #1: Dancing in VR Increases Neuroplasticity

The Infinite Playa is a new MMORPG — a Massive Mycology Online Running Playa Game

Pushed back from the planned opening of Monday morning at midnight, the much-anticipated Infinite Playa multiverse finally opened at noon on Friday during the week of virtual Burning Man 2020. After having a fantastic time, synchronistic connections, and hilarious adventures on several of the other multiverse platforms, I was eager to check it out.

The Infinite Playa featured near photo-realistic, beautiful, high-quality animation renderings of a version of Black Rock City. I don’t know if it runs on an underlying Unity or Unreal game engine, but it was obvious some serious resources, and MMORPG development experience, was behind this multiverse…

Burning Man is probably the largest DIY user generated content experiment ever. The content until now has been mostly in-person or analog, and generally confined to the Black Rock City event and over a hundred official regional events around the globe. With this year’s move to a virtual BRC, which is happening right now on web browsers, mobile phones, and VR headsets all over the planet, all 10 of the multiverse platforms and the content on them are community generated and supported.

As a technologist, systems thinker, and someone who has guided the operational and global systems for the Burning…

I dove into immersive and spatial technologies in 2018, but I have to admit it wasn’t until earlier this Spring, when I was invited to a very early preview of BRCvr in Altspace, that I finally broke the seal on the box of my Oculus Quest. I had pre-ordered it when they were first released, but it sat in my home office for many months. …

BRCvr in Altspace

For the first time in 19 years, I didn’t spend the month of August living in the harsh desert of Nevada, helping to produce Black Rock City for Burning Man. Personally, I was expecting this year to be different, since I left the organization last year to dive headfirst into creating experiences in mixed reality, but little did I, nor the Burning Man organization, realize they would be following right behind me into this new digital creative canvas for humanity. …

Heather Gallagher

Former Burning Man Head of Tech | “Experience Economy Expert” | XR, Remote & IRL Experience Designer | Halloween Baby

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